Changing Banks is a PITA

VERY true statement.  I think there are plenty of folks who would gladly change banks if it were easy and not such a pain-in-the-you-know-what.  You and your staff will have to go to a new building, new surroundings, wait in new lines….You’ll have to order new checks, give your vendors your new account number if they pay you electronically, get to know a new branch manager, a new relationship manager, new tellers and on and on.  It is no wonder one thinks at least twice about making such a change.  Then, once you move to your new bank, who is to say you won’t have new problems?

My response to this is yes, indeed all of this is true.  But….the time you spend doing a little research to find out if the grass is greener might very well be worth it.  You don’t have to put up with tellers who act like it pains them to wait on you.  You don’t even have to put up with tellers who are not warm and fuzzy because I am telling you, warm and fuzzy is out there.  You don’t have to keep your banker if they have to call Charlotte or Atlanta or San Francisco or St. Louis or Minneapolis to get an answer on whether or not they can increase your line of credit.  Insist on a return phone call within 1 day.  Expect responsiveness (of course do your part up front too in getting them the information they need).  Expect politeness.  If you don’t feel like your banker has your best interest at heart or if you feel like you are just a number or if you feel like they can’t pull together enough authority on quick notice to get you what you need, then it might just be time to fire them.

Do your homework first, and find where you will fit in the best.  Don’t hesitate to talk with some of the smaller banks.  Some of them can do everything the big banks do, except lend megabucks.  You will find a happier home and you might find that folks are willing to fight over you.  Have fun!


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