Really Easy Check Fraud Protection

An economical form of check fraud protection is available to you which is less involved and less expensive than the standard Positive Pay service.  You can work with your bank in finding out if a fraudulent check has been presented to them by intervening before it gets paid.  In its easiest and simplest form, you can subscribe to a service called something like “Paid Check Review.”  Paid Check Review does just what the name implies – it allows you to review the checks that have come in the front door of the bank in order to be paid.  The protection comes in when you go into your Online Banking module each day and review the list of checks reflecting as “pending posting.”  You will need to look at this every single day to see if anything looks suspect.  You should be able to manipulate the data so it can be viewed in check sequence order or from low dollar to high and vice versa.  Once you perform this sort, your trained eye should be able to hone in on anything that doesn’t look right.  If you see an item on the list that represents a check you did not write, simply notify the bank that you don’t want it paid.  You will have an early deadline each day to review these items as the bank has regulatory time constraints in the ongoing processing of these checks.  If for any reason you fail to review the list, then all checks will be paid.  Expect to pay around $20 per month per account for this service plus another $1 or so for any items you return as fraudulent.  This is significantly lower than the cost of Positive Pay, plus it keeps you from having to send the bank a transmission of your check issue file.


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  1. Sounds like a good benefit and a great value!

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