Delighted with your Bank?

Barlow Research Associates conducted a survey in 2010, in order to determine the standard for a Very Satisfied Customer Experience.  This was based on interactions with companies’  primary banks and it covered certain experiences includng:

  • Account Officer Visits (Annually)
  • Account Officer Initiated Phone Calls (Annually)
  • Time to Return Phone Calls (Hours)
  • Loan Response (Days)

Stop and think of how you might respond to what you consider a very satisfactory experience.  How often do you want to hear from your banker?

Bankers are learning that to keep bank customers delighted requires more attention and faster response times.  The standard for a very satisfied experience is: 

  • One Visit
  • Two Phone Calls
  • Two Hours to Return a Phone Call
  • Three days for a Loan Response

That doesn’t sound to me like such a tall order for a banker to fill.  I think it is very reasonable and it makes me wonder what some bankers spend their time on because I often hear about unhappy customers.


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  1. Sounds like bankers and airlines may have a lot in common!

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