Blind can now “See” Currency Notes

Image of the EyeNote trademarked logo, an eye in a pyramid.

Blind and visually impaired people can now use a downloadable app to aid them in knowing exactly how much money they have in their hands.  The app is called EyeNote and it is designed to work with the Apple iPhone and 4G iPod Touch and iPad2 platforms.  It is available through Apple iTunes.

The app uses a mobile device’s camera to scan the front or back of the currency/note/bill and in a matter of seconds, it provides an audible or vibrating response.  It is able to identify all Federal Reserve currency notes issued since 1996.  From a handheld device and with a circular motion, the app can detect the denomination within 2-4 seconds.  Spoken output can be in English or Spanish and it can also identify the front and back to help with vending machine operation.  When discretion is required, pulses are emitted indicating the denomination:  one dollar is 1 pulse, two dollars is 2 pulses, five dollars is 3 pulses, ten dollars is 4 pulses, and so on.

Unfortunately the device cannot authenticate real notes from counterfeit notes.

This app was developed by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP).  It is free and it is available at



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