Ladies – a banking career could be hazardous to your livelihood

In reading some of the news outlet articles and blogs I follow, I was struck recently by two stories around the misfortunes of women in banking.  The first article referred to a “Hit and Run Bandit” who has been knocking down women bank employees and stealing the money bags they were carrying.  Apparently 9 such crimes have occurred in California since May 19th.  One of the women attacked is in her 70s and she suffered a broken hip after being knocked to the ground.  They have a suspect in custody.  I am trying to think of what these women would be doing with bank bags outside of the branch and the only thing that comes to mind is restocking an outside ATM.  Aren’t 2 people required to handle this function?

The second article discusses female bank employees but they were not innocent victims in this case.   The “Don Juan” bandit has been convicted in Philadelphia after apparently running a large ID theft ring with the help of girlfriends working on the inside at various banks.  These women ended up providing him with account information which allowed him to steal more than $1 million.  Included among the implicated was a Wachovia Bank teller and a PNC bank branch manager.  He must have been some Don Juan.


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